Ai -- Harmony      Ki -- Spirit or Universal Energy   Te -- Hand Technique 

Aikite Budo is a martial art way of healthy living.

It is a health program that develops internal energy, which is called call "Ki" or "Universal Energy". We can apply Ki to our daily lives to increase our mind, body and spirit.  

It is a unique self-defense system that utilizes Ryukyu 'Te' techniques along with the Aiki of self defense movements, positioning and awareness. 

NOTE: Aiki-do and Aiki-jujutsu use circular movements and the backside of the hand whereas Ryukyu Te (Tuite) uses direct and palm hand techniques  –  AIKITE is martial art system that combines BOTH!

For self-defense, we study the application of Aiki to self-defense techniques that were taught from the original martial art of Okinawa "Te". One applies Aiki by understanding the rhythm and intent of the attacker to find the optimal position and timing to apply a counter-technique. "Aiki is to make the power of the enemy into nothing". Aikite  techniques can be used against single or multiple opponents. In Aikite there are over 188 general techniques , 30 Aiki techniques and 38 secret teachings. Aikite is the inner circle of techniques of Ryukyu Budo.

Aikite Budo Membership is by invitation only.

Below is an example of Aiki by Katsuyuki Kondo Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu

Katsuyuki Kondo Daito Ryu Aikijutsu