The following pdf files were found throughout the internet – they are presented as a resource and not endorsed by the Aikite group.

          1. Combat Conditioning.  —  BOOK LINK— This is a book that was published in 1943 during World War 2 — This is a combat training program for recruits. There are a lot of interesting and effective techniques
          2. Combat Judo, —  BOOK LINK a Marine training book that was printed in 1945, there are a lot of techniques for hand to hand combat
          3. U.S. Army Combat Training — BOOK LINK — This is a recent published book that contains many techniques and theories of combat self defense techniques
          4. Thesis on Samurai training to evade capture  — BOOK LINK — This essay investigates the affective dynamics underlying the contemporary practice and preservation of a centuries old samurai martial art called Takamura Shindo Yoshin Ryu
          5. Modern Army Combat — BOOK LINK — A book published in 2011 by the US Special Forces — Many great techniques and training methods
          6. IAIDO, JODO AND NITEN– BOOK LINK — Training Manual published by a Toronto Martial Arts program – lots of history of Classical Japanese Budo
          7. Classical Martial Art Ryuha — BOOK LINK — This book is a collection of different classical martial art schools with training background and a few techniques – a great read
          8. Jui-Juitsu Combat — BOOK LINK — This book was written in 1923 – it is a collection of practical sel- defense techniques with well written explanations.
          9. Asayama Ichiden Ryii Taijutsu — BOOK LINK –— An illustrated book of techniques over 255 pages
          10. Secrets of Jiu Jitsu — BOOK LINK — This book was written in early 1900’s — very interesting explanations with pictures — a must read
          11. Secret Ju Jutsu —BOOK LINK —- This book was written in 1920 and is a very good book of techniques – over 100 pages with good explanations.
          12. Test Book of Jiu jitsu— BOOK LINK —– an early 1900’s book of Jiu Jutsu – good explanations and pictures of that time period – a practical approach.