Aikite Budo

The three pillars of Aikite Budo include:

Karate – Hard
Jujutsu – Soft
Aiki – Spirit & Harmony

Each pillar of Aikite Budo can be learned separately and the student can become a proficient martial artists with a wide range of skill and technical ability. However, when the student is able to master all three pillars of Aikite Budo, they have become more than just the sum of the individual parts.

Aikite Budo Includes:

  • Te or empty hand techniques: these are self-defense techniques found in Kata
  • Aiki-Ken: practical techniques and movements of the Japanse Sword – Batto-jutsu
  • Aiki-Jo: practical techniques and movements of 4 foot staff or Jo. – Jo-jutsu
  • Mushin Training: Mushin is needed for everyday life and for technical applications